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Things You Probably Didn’t Know About a Mailing List of Hotels

Who has not arrived at a hotel and wondered if his room had been washed and scrubbed? And who has not ever thought what happened on his bed? If you are one of those who, at some point, have had these thoughts, do not worry, because you are not the only one. This has been demonstrated by the newspaper ” The Independent “, which has launched a survey in the well-known Reddit social network for – through the help of the occasional worker of this type of establishments – discover what are the best-kept secrets of email lists of hotels. Here is a list of 7 things you probably didn’t know about hotels.


  1. The number of stars in a Directory of Hotels is a good indication of its quality.

The more stars in a hotel, the better. Or at least that’s what we think. In a five-star hotel, you are not always better served than in a two-star hotel. The stars only give you an idea of the size of the rooms and the style of facilities available to you.


  1. They will never speak in public about the celebrities who are staying at the hotel.


If celebrities stand out for something, it is because they are especially jealous of their privacy. It is not for less, because only one word can make the media swirl at the door. Therefore, Email Lists of Hotels are extremely strict about not reporting on the arrival of a celebrity to their rooms. Thus, employees can not only say nothing to the press but also cannot speak about it in public.


  1. The places that are never cleaned.


We must assume it. The mailing list of hotels shows the numbers of each rooms. Therefore, they often forget to spend the rag in places that do not, at first glance, go unnoticed. Thus, they do not usually wash the comforters or bedspreads and never pass the broom under the bed or hard-to-reach places (for example, the back of the televisions that are hanging from the ceiling). Therefore, the best advice we can give is that you do not look under the bed if you do not want to have an arcade and, under no circumstances, leave your clothes clean on the chair that usually exists in all rooms. Objects that are most contaminated in a hotel room: the remote control, the telephone, and the light switch.


  1. The way to cancel a reservation at the last minute without losing the deposit.


This is one of the best-kept secrets of the Database of Hotels. If you want to cancel the reservation of a room at the last minute, but do not want to lose the deposit (something that usually happens if you notify the establishment with little time) you just have to resort to the following trick. First, you must call and delay your reservation for a few days. Subsequently, you have to contact them again (the next day, for example) and cancel the reservation. They will refund your money.


  1. The doorman is not only to open the door.


Although it may seem so, the doormen are not only to open the door of the hotel. They can also solve other problems by having access to water bottles, tampons or the rooms where you wash your clothes. They also usually know companies to make good excursions. However, nobody asks them why they believe their role is different. Check this in the Mailing List of Hotels


  1. Safes are not safe 


The small safe in the room is not insured against theft. If you carry with you some particularly precious things, ask the receptionist instead to put them in the vault of the hotel and give you a paper with a guarantee. This vault, in general, is insured and is accessible to fewer employees than that of your room.


  1. They can change your hotel without your agreement 

A Directory or Database Hotels allow more bookings than available rooms to ensure that they are all occupied (if someone cancels a reservation). It may be that you are the one who finds himself without a room. If they ask you to change hotels, you have the right to demand a room of higher standing or with additional services.


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Before taking a trip, choosing from a list of hotels is a great decision when looking for the right accommodation.  The right choice will help in adding excitement to your trip but a bad choice can sadly break it.  So a mailing list of hotels can help. There are things to consider if you want to stay in a right hotel.  These are the following:


Reading the actual comments, feedbacks, and recommendations of other people is useful in confirming the quality of a hotel.  While reviews may not all be true, majority of those are done by previous customers with honesty and sincerity.  Reviews are vital sources in choosing valuable hotels.  Reviews allow you to know which accommodation is hygienic, safe, inexpensive, has good services, etc.

If you combine the above factors into consideration prior to buying a list of hotels, you wouldn’t feel frustrated with the choice you will make.  Have a wonderful trip and vacation!